Tarot Consultations,TaromaAlchemy™ and Spirit Journeys

Tarot Consultations, TaromaAlchemy™, Spirit Journeys

 In person or via phone. Customized consultations available.

Tarot Consultations

My intention as an intuitive Professional Tarot Consultant is to honor and support you, as my client/querent, with truth, integrity and clarity.  I shall absolutely respect your free will as we access your own insight into Self. It is my honor to provide appropriate guidance as you to tap into your innate deep source of knowing so you may unlock the secrets of your subconscious. These become visible in the graphic language of the cards (images, symbols, archetypes, connections, emotions) and their positions in the spreads/mandalas. Through my innovative and unique path work of the heart called Spirit Journeys, you can focus on what REALLY matters. And then, with ​intention and attention, let go of what does not. This steer​s you towards the field of your highest potential. There, choices are available to best serve your Sou​l​ and raise your Spirit. This will assist you in determining the reality of  events that are unfolding and those you wish to create or transform. To borrow a phrase…Know Thyself!

What truly, deeply makes MY soul happy is to share your Journey with YOU. I offer myself in service to you as your metaphysical travel agent and a mystical, alchemical vision quest companion on your TarotAlchemy™ Adventure!

Choose from the STAR,  Thoth, Celtic, Motherpeace, Tarot Illuminati or Enchanted World deck.

$85- 1 hour/$45 – 1/2 hour for returning clients


Taromatherapy™ Life Card Constellation 

There are essential oils that pair with the corresponding major arcana tarot cards according to your birth date numbers. Your “tarot constellation” is your soul, personality, growth and “shadow” cards. After choosing the oils that YOU are drawn to in this array, they will be blended into either a hydro spritz or roll-on vial which you will take with you. We will discuss how these cards speak to your Life’s Journey. As time allows, a short, 3 card spread or “Helping Ally” card will be the final blending element.  (please add $5 s/h for your customized product when booking via phone)

$95 – 1 hour / $145 – 1 1/2 hours


Spirit Journeys 

Your Spirit Journey may include some of these elements: Reiki, energetic balancing of chakras & energy vortices, acupressure points & meridians, lymphatic channels, cranial sacral balancing, Akashic Record exploration and green medicine healing information. A shamanic process utilizing drumming and other sacred tools such as a tuning fork may be incorporated. A custom blend of sacred essential oils will also be part of your Journey.

$145 to $165 – 1 1/2 to 2 hours


Shamanic Cleansing

You are anointed with your Taromatherapy™ blend and essential oils that correlate to each of the 7 major chakras. Semi-precious stones and sacred amulets are laid on the chakra points along the spine.  A tuning fork is used to activate energetic balancing of the chakras. A shamanic process utilizing drumming and other sacred tools may complete your healing journey.

$145 – 1 1/2 hours


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